Get a Wonder of Image Manipulation with Ghost Mannequin Effect

If you are an e-commerce or online dress seller and want to show only your dress photos without a mannequin or doll then we have the perfect solution for you. We can give your apparel a great shape and make your images look professional.

E-commerce or online product sellers, use mannequins to display their products like: shirts, trousers, jacket, accessories, jewelries etc. But, while uploading the product images on the websites, you need to remove the background along with the mannequin. Using photoshop, the mannequin can be removed with additional effects to make the product images professional.
To make invisible the mannequins, first photographs with the mannequin wearing your products need to be captured. Then we can remove the mannequin and the background from the photo and replace the other parts in Photoshop. Bad wrinkle, dust, spots is also removed in this service.
Ghost mannequin service is the best option to showcase your product images. It is mainly used for showcasing products online or on posters or magazines. If you want to use only the product photos without a mannequin then the attractiveness will increase more than with the mannequin. In order to improve your sell, you need to apply ghost mannequin effects on your product images.
The e-commerce owners, magazine or catalog companies, famous model products and fashion photographers, well-known photo studios, pre-press and printing companies and web development companies etc needs the ghost mannequin service. These industries require their product images to be perfectly edited or manipulated by removing mannequin and replacing or changing background.

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